when is 'The End'?

Posted: 2 months ago

Does anyone know when this pain is going to end? I am just one of those people who just want to know what happened till the end. However painful it is to watch the current drama, just want to know when this is going to end.. ;-)

Posted: 2 months ago

Not only u every body is waiting for this pain to be end asap ..I guess very as one new serial on the way. And kbc too

Posted: 2 months ago

KBC 11 starts on 19th Aug, so hopefully Ladies Special S2 will end by 16th Aug.??? Then not long, only 7-8 more episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 2 months ago

You guys are MEAN !!! :/ This show was one of the BESTS !!!! True, current Amar and Bindu track is hard to watch.. but it is still a very good and realistic (to an extent) show! 

Posted: 2 months ago

What on Earth is going on with this bindu Amar story 😳 she doesn’t remember anyone yet she’s living with Amar, doing the usual cooking, still being friends with Meghna. And which brain tumour gets fixed with medicines 😭 what a joke 

Posted: 2 months ago

Sorry, you felt that way. I don't think anyone has any issue with the potential of the show; just frustrated with the way it is handled/ mismanaged completely, and this is where we ended up. 

Only good/ consistently good thing in this serial, at least for me, is Meghana's dialogues. They are so relevant and to the point, and quite realistic/ relatable. Everything else is complete, utter BS.

Posted: 2 months ago

Is the show even ending?

Posted: 2 months ago

'Hope' is that it would end this week. (Can't imagine them dragging this current thread longer!!) and also KBC is expected to start from next Monday.

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