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Tik Tok Sensations Who are Giving us Major Fashion Goals!

Fashion has a new address, Tik Tok...


Fashion is something that is very personal but at the same time it is inspirational. The way we style our clothes reflect our personalities but we often take inspiration from famous people to enhance our personalities in a better way. Film and TV celebrities often happen to influence fashion and style in an impactful way as they are always in limelight. Lately, Tik Tok stars have been making a lot of buzz around the town, not just for the content that they’re creating but for their style statements. From the clothes they wear to the way they style their hair, youngsters are getting highly inspired by their fashion choices. 

Check out some of the most stylish Tik Tok stars and take some cues on trending fashion:

Riyaz Aly:

This young Tik Tok star has a huge fan following, not just on Tik Tok but across all the social media websites. The guy sure is just a teenager but he’s a rage among youngsters and we know why. His personal style seems to be very cool and trendy and that’s what teenagers love about him. 

Nagma Mirajkar:

Nagma is one of the most famous Tik Tok stars and has a huge fan following which includes both males and females. Young girls can take a lot of street style inspiration from her personal style. She usually sports smart street style and her makeup is to die for. 

Faisal Shaikh:

Fondly called as Faisu, Faisal Shaikh enjoys a huge fan following on Tik Tok. His casual charm and swag is what connects him to the youth. Faisu’s style seems to be very comfortable, chic yet classy. Apart from his washboard abs, his hairstyle and smile is what works wonders for him. 

Mrunal Panchal:

This happy, chirpy girl is the new sweetheart in town. She rose to fame with Tik Tok but is influencing young girls with her easy fashion. Mrunal’s personal style is every college going girl’s dream. From her colored hair, to experimental yet simple makeup and casual yet stylish clothes, her style is achievable and fun to emulate.

Sanket Mehta:

Popular Tik Tok creator Sanket is one of the best of the lot when it comes to fashion. His personal style seems to be effortless, fun and suave. From wearing florals, to checks to monochromes, the guy is nailing every look and how. The main highlight we think is the way he does his hair. 

Aashna Hegde:

Famous through Tik Tok, Aashna Hegde is loved by youngsters for her casual, cool vibe. She has a very girl-next-door personal style and it’s ravishing. She’s just a cooler version of our everyday looks and that’s what makes her style relatable and inspirational. 

Whose style do you like the most? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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IloveJeannie 2019-07-12T06:19:13Z Do you have any secret deal with these jokers like faisu and riyaz? every second news is about them? Yellow shades and shows is fashion? Yukk
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